I am a 20-something girl, living in Ontario, Canada. Born and raised to accomplish all my goals and to  always finish what I start.

 Growing up I always dreamed to be just like my parents... young when I got married, bought my first home and had my first child. I can't say I have accomplished all of this yet, but I am well on my way to 2 of 3 of those things! My boyfriend {hubby} and I just bought our first home in January 2013 and are now expecting our first little one in October 2013! We couldn't be any happier! Now all I need is the ring... LOL. 

  Not only am I now a housewife, I am a Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert too! My true passions lay in the hands of Makeup Artistry and the products behind all the magic! I smile and jump up and down every time I lay my hands on a new product just to see what the latest technology is all about. (For many of you thinking I'm crazy right now... I know you all do this to something in your life too!)

  My blog will not only be about the latest beauty products and my rambles on everything beauty but also about my journey on becoming the perfect (ok, almost perfect) housewife, a first time mommy and just life in general. I may even throw in the odd other topic just for shits and giggles.

  Join me as I take you through the journey of a life time, one gorgeous day at a time!