Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cloth Diapering... is it really worth it?

I have been debating for some time now on whether or not I should tackle the challenge of cloth diapering my first child. I have read so many reviews and done a heap load of research and am still debating!

I know what all of you are thinking right now... Poop & Laundry. How on earth does one go about touching a poopy diaper and cleaning it? Do you really have the time and energy to do all that? These are my thoughts exactly! Hence why I am still debating! haha My boyfriend & father of my child really wants me to cloth diaper because he think we will save a crap load of money.

Pro's to Cloth Diapering:
- The amount of $$ you will save in the long run!!! (May be a bit more upfront, but saving $2000 in the end??)
- Environmentally friendly!
- Only need 2 or 3 different sizes until potty trained
- Cute designs! Ohh how many cute little diapers you can get!
- Biodegradable liner inserts for on the go
- Chemical, dye and gel free
- No diaper rashes (when changing frequently)
- Can get a diaper service for a little extra fee
- Now come with velcro or snaps instead of safety pins

- Cleaning the diapers after every use
- Doing laundry every other day at least (extra money on water and electricity)
- Paying upfront for the diapers
- Carrying poopy diapers around with you until you get home
- Can be less absorbent then a disposable (more diaper changes)

And to think of the different kinds of cloth diapers may get a little confusing... however, I have narrowed my search down. I decided I want to use AIO (All in ones) and/or Pockets. The easiest ones to use on the market! (Pockets have inserts so you can just change or dispose of the insert instead of changing the whole diaper like an AIO.)

I think I may do cloth diapering while I am at home or know I will be somewhere I can clean the diaper on hand. Then use disposables while we are out and about for long periods of time and we have someone else watching the baby. I am also planning on using cloth wipes instead of disposables too. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?

Now, I ask all you momma's out there... Have you cloth diapered in the past? If so, would you do it again? Is it really worth it in the end? Do you really save money? Do you have a favourite brand or kind?

I look forward to sharing with you guys a little more about my journey on whether or not I do decide to cloth diaper and how I am enjoying it.

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  2. Hey :)
    Just wanted to say i love your blog and am definitely going to be a regular reader! I work in a nursery and tend to find cloth diapers smell a lot more, arnt as hygienic and cause nappy rash more due to the dampness against the skin combined with the material rubbing against such delicate skin. But that's just my opinion, i know they are more cost effective and better for the environment - hope i helped : )

    1. Thanks Katt, I did not even take smell of dampness into consideration! I should add that into my con's. haha I know a lot of daycares won't accept most cloth diapers. May have to do disposables for those days. ;) Thanks for reading hun!!

  3. My niece was cloth-diapered because she didn't take kindly to any disposable brand. But everyone felt good about not contributing some 10 disposable diapers everyday to environmental pollution.