Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Babies First Foodies

I decided to start my 7 month baby on solids this past week full-time. We had done the "taste testing" from about 6 months until now. So far we have come to realize she is a GREAT eater! :) Makes Mommy and Daddy proud! Even though Mya has very sensitive skin, she has not reacted to any of the foods we have tried yet, bonus!

We started off with the basic's… Bananas, Apples, Pears, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Cereal and Peas. We have yet to try Avocado and Squash (Which are actually on this weeks agenda!) So far Mya's a bit of a sweet tooth and loves her Apples, Bananas and Pears! Just like Momma!

Starting out with basics are pretty straight forward, you puree everything… cooking/steaming anything hard before hand and add water to make a liquifying consistency. We were blessed with the Baby Bullet and Baby Steamer as gifts to Mya for Christmas, which have been a life saver! You can literally whip up a few batches of baby food in no time! (Pictured above are both put into action! I will do a review on both products soon.)

I even had time to can some apple sauce for her!!! Turned out to be so yummy! I cannot wait to start making more and adding things like pears, blueberries or strawberries etc to it! Nom nom nom… I might even start making it one of my snacks. ;) Shhh don't tell baby I'm eating her apple sauce! haha 

I'm loving the fact that I know exactly what my baby is eating, and there is no added crap being put into her belly. Yes- I do buy Nestle cereal… which I will eventually try to make my own from scratch. But knowing she's getting the majority of her foods from being home made makes me one happy Momma!

What were/are your babies favourite first foods? Did you prepare your own food at home or buy jared food?

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